Gas Scrubbers

20140609_160844CLK Industries, Inc. fabricates high quality custom gas scrubbers for use in oilfield, refining, and petrochemical applications. We are experts in the design and manufacture of custom filtration equipment and separators for oil and gas applications and have earned the reputation for fabricating high performance gas scrubbers that meet the most demanding processing requirements.

Gas scrubbers remove traces of particulate and liquid droplets from gas streams to protect downstream equipment from damage.  They handle light liquid streams and are generally used upstream of dehydrators or compressors, ensuring large particles are removed from the gas stream prior to reaching the dehydrator or compressor. In a gas scrubber, the gas stream enters through an inlet diverter, which causes an initial separation of the gas from the liquid. As the stream moves through the vessel, it slows and the heavier liquids drop to the bottom as the gas rises. High efficiency mist extractors capture smaller liquid particles that remain captured in the gas. The scrubbed natural gas exits the top of the vessel.

CLK’s gas scrubbers are custom designed to meet your application requirements and will provide durable, efficient performance.

Features of our gas scrubbers include:

  • Multiple sizes, configurations, and pressure ratings to meet your specific processing requirements
  • Rugged design to perform efficiently and reliably in high volume processing environments
  • High efficiency wire mesh or vane-type mist extractors to provide the separation required for your operation
  • Gas supply drip pot with high and low pressure regulators
  • Controls and safety features, including thermal pressure indicators, regulators, and relief valves, liquid level controllers, outlet control valves, and external float chambers. Site glass is available to provide easy access to indicators and controls.
  • Low maintenance design, with full-access closures, and features available allowing for production bypass to perform media replacements, equipment maintenance, and repair with little or no downtime

Our gas scrubbers are fabricated to meet ASME standards.

CLK’s gas scrubbers are designed to be integrated with your processing equipment, ensuring peak performance of your processing operation. Our gas scrubbers are durable, rugged, and reliable, and are engineered to operate efficiently and at top performance in harsh, high volume processing environments. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your gas scrubber is delivered to you ready to install.

Call today to talk to one of our experienced staff about a custom gas scrubber for your oil &  gas or refining application.