Mud Gas Separators

IMG_0029CLK Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures durable, high quality custom mud gas separators engineered for oil and gas drilling applications. We are a leading manufacturer known for mud gas separators, or degassers, that provide reliable performance for demanding drilling operations. Our staff has the expertise to design and manufacture custom separators to meet your unique requirements.

Mud gas separators are used during oil and gas drilling to separate and vent large pockets of free gas from the drilling-fluid system. They are used when drilling mud columns contain a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide, or are below the optimal balance of mud and gas. Due to the high concentration of hydrogen sulfide or other gasses, these columns contain deposits of free gas that must be safely removed from the fluid to prevent fire and explosions.

In a degasser, the mud is fed into the separator vessel from the top and then flows downward over a series of angled baffle plates. The gasses captured in the mud are released as the mud flows over the baffle plates and are safely vented from the vessel and carried to the flare. There are three main types of mud gas separators:

  • Open Bottom – the bottom of the separator is immersed in the mud deposit and the mud flows out the bottom of the vessel
  • Closed Bottom – the bottom of the vessel is sealed and configured to direct the mud into a storage tank
  • Float – the bottom of the vessel is sealed and the flow of the mud out of the vessel is controlled by a valve

CLK’s mud gas separators offer:

  • Multiple sizes and lengths

At CLK Industries we understand that performance of your mud gas separators is critical to the quality and purity of your extracted oil and gas, as well as the safety of your operation. Our mud gas separators are durable, rugged, and reliable, and are engineered to operate efficiently and at top performance in harsh, high volume processing environments. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your degasser is delivered to you ready to install.

Call today to talk to one of our experienced staff about a custom mud gas separator for your oilfield or refining application.