Sand Separators

CLK Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures durable, high quality custom sand separators engineered for oil and gas processing applications. We are a leading manufacturer known for sand separators, or sand cans, that provide reliable performance for demanding oilfield and refining operations. Our staff has the expertise to design and manufacture custom separators to meet your unique requirements.

Sand processors remove sand, silt, and other solids from a well stream in the early stages of oil and gas processing. These solid particles contaminate the well stream and need to be removed to produce purified oil and gas. In addition, sand, mud, and silt are abrasive materials and their removal prevents damage to downstream equipment. CLK’s custom engineered sand separators offer:

  • Horizontal and vertical designs. Vertical separators use gravity to separate solids from the flow and are used for flows that contain higher liquid-gas ratio and larger quantities of sand or mud. Horizontal sand separators are designed for lower liquid-gas ratio flows with less sand or mud in the well stream.
  • Multiple sizes, configurations, and pressure ratings to meet your specific processing requirements. We offer a range of inlet, gas out, and sand discharge connection types and sizes to accommodate the flow and material mix of your well stream.
  • Rugged design to perform efficiently and reliably in high volume processing environments with minimal maintenance downtime
  • Controls and safety features, including pressure indicators, regulators, and relief valves, liquid level controllers, and external float chambers.
  • Fabrication using corrosion– and abrasion-resistant materials to provide continued high performance in harsh oil and gas processing environments
  • Skid- or trailer-mounted design to provide for flexible operation and fast installation

Our sand separators are engineered to meet ASME and NACE standards.

At CLK Industries we understand that performance of your sand cans is critical to the performance of your downstream equipment as well as the quality and purity of your final, refined oil and gas. Our sand separators are designed and manufactured to operate at peak performance in the harsh, high volume processing environments found in oilfield and refinery operations. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your sand separator is delivered to you ready to install.

Call today to talk to one of our experienced staff about a custom sand separator for your oilfield or refining application.