Slug Catchers

20140710_074447CLK Industries, Inc. is a leading custom manufacturer of slug catchers for pipeline applications. Our slug catchers are designed to provide reliable, effective performance in harsh pipeline environments without interrupting the flow in the pipeline. CLK’s experience in the fabrication of custom oilfield equipment makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture slug catchers for your pipeline operation.

Slug catchers are used to “catch” excess liquid, or slugs, in gas or oil stream flowing through pipelines and remove it. As gas or oil travels through a pipeline, liquid falls out of the stream and gathers at outlets and joins, slowing down the flow and causing the pressure within the pipeline to drop. Slug catchers are usually placed downstream of pigging equipment, in areas of the pipeline where liquids gather. The slug catcher operates by forcing the gas stream through an inlet diverter, causing an initial separation of gas and liquid, with the liquid flowing down and the gas rising. As the stream enters the slug catcher’s vessel, it slows further and additional droplets of liquid are released from the stream. High efficiency mist extractors capture smaller droplets and remove them from the gas stream. Dump valves are used to handle large deposits of liquids in the stream.

CLK’s custom slug catchers provide reliable, durable performance. Features include:

  • Multiple sizes, configurations, and pressure ratings to meet your specific processing requirements and pipeline flow

At CLK Industries we understand that the importance of maintaining the pressure and flow rate within your pipeline. Our slug catchers are designed and manufactured to keep your pipeline flowing by efficiently and effectively removing excess liquid from the gas stream. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your slug catcher is delivered to you ready to install.

Call today to talk to one of our experienced staff about how a CLK slug catcher can help you maintain your pipeline production.