Stainless Steel Tanks

20141023_110257CLK Industries, Inc. specializes in the fabrication of stainless steel tanks, no matter what your size, capacity and containment requirements. Serving customers in the oil and gas industry from the chemical, biofuel, pharmaceutical and water industries, CLK’s engineers and CAD specialists design and construct economical, high-performance tank products to meet the needs of any facility or project site.

In addition to their quality and reliability, CLK’s stainless steel tanks are known for optimal heat resistance, corrosion resistance, low-maintenance design and affordability. Each stainless tank provides safe containment of chemicals, hazardous substances and petrochemical products during storage and transport—which helps to ensure the safety of job sites and personnel.

Our large manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, and expedited delivery is available upon request. Call CLK Industries today to schedule a consultation or place an order for carbon or stainless steel tanks oilfield equipment.