Brine Filters

Brine Filter

Brine Filter

CLK Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom high quality brine filters for the oil and gas industry. Part of our custom line of oilfield and processing filtration equipment and systems, our brine filters are designed for efficient, reliable, and durable operation in high volume, harsh environments. At CLK, we specialize in the fabrication of high quality process liquid filtration, transfer, and storage equipment and bring extensive experience and expertise in the industry to each project. 

Brine filters are used to treat wastewater generated during oil & gas refining and petrochemical, chemical, and wastewater processing. Brine filters and filtration systems are self-contained units that use a multi-stage filtration process to separate solids and particulate from the wastewater. The initial stages of the process remove larger particles, and later stages remove smaller solids and contaminants, providing complete separation of solids from the liquid. The use of these filters provide a purified liquid stream and help eliminate processing downtime by protecting downstream equipment from damaging contaminants.

CLK’s brine filters are designed to provide superior filtration throughout all operational phases.

  • Multi-vessel configuration custom designed for the flow rate and particle load of the fluid to be filtered
  • Rugged design to perform efficiently and reliably in high volume processing environments
  • Controls and safety features, including pressure indicators, regulators, and relief valves, liquid level controllers, and external float chambers. Site glass is available to provide easy access to indicators and controls.
  • Low maintenance design, with full-access closures, and features allowing for production bypass to perform media replacements, equipment maintenance, and repair with little or no downtime
  • Fabrication using corrosion-resistant materials to provide continued high performance in corrosive and caustic processing environments
  • Optional skid-mounted design to provide for flexible operation

CLK’s brine filtration systems are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and components and meet industry standards, including ASME and API standards.

At CLK Industries we understand the importance of complete, precise filtration of liquids throughout refining and processing applications. Unfiltered or improperly filtered fluids will negatively impact the quality of the end product and can damage equipment, resulting in costly production downtime. Our brine filters are designed and manufactured to deliver efficient, reliable, and precise filtration of your liquid stream in the demanding environments found in industrial and gas & oil processing operations. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your brine filter is delivered to you ready to install.

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