LACT Units

Picture1CLK Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom high quality Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) units for the oil and gas industry. Our LACT units are designed to operate efficiently and effectively in oilfield, refinery, and transfer station environments. CLK’s experience in the fabrication of custom oilfield fluid transfer and storage equipment makes us uniquely qualified to manufacture LACT units for your transfer applications. LACT units are integrated, modular process skids designed to precisely measure the flow of crude oil and petroleum products as they are transferred to pipelines, trucks, railcars, or storage tanks. In addition, the LACT unit analyzes the composition of the crude oil to ensure that the product being transferred meets material and quality requirements.

CLK’s LACT units offer:

  • Fully integrated, modular skids available in stationary and portable models
  • Automated control panel allowing for automated and semi-automated operation
  • Precision meters to monitor and control the oil stream, integrated with leak protection monitoring equipment, ensuring accurate measurement of the volume transferred
  • BS&W probe & monitor and quality sampling system to measure basic sediment and water in the oil stream and the overall quality of the oil stream to ensure it meets standards
  • Strainers and air eliminators to keep the oil stream pure and enable accurate measurements
  • Safety equipment, including emergency stop devices

Our LACT units are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials and components and meet industry standards, including ASME B31.3, ASME B31.4, and ASME B31.8 standards. At CLK Industries we understand the importance of accurate measurement of the oil stream during transfer and verification that the stream meets quality and regulatory requirements – while also meeting your production requirements. Our LACT units are designed and manufactured to deliver reliable, precise, safe performance in the demanding environments found in oilfield operations. Our stringent quality control and testing will ensure that your LACT unit is delivered to you ready to install.   Call today to talk to one of our experienced staff about a LACT solution.